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Ideas for Basement Remodeling

By Craig Friesen
Home Improvement Ideas Columnist

In most houses the basement is the last area to be finished. When you need to expand your usable space, basement remodeling is a good option most of the time.

One of the neat things about basement remodeling is that you can easily make your basement renovations in stages as you have time or money. A finished basement gives you more usable space and adds to the overall value of your home. The ideas shared here are just the beginning - you are limited only by your creativity, time, and money.

basement ideas
basement ideas


Planning a Finished Basement

While basement remodeling is usually less expensive than adding on to the house, costs can still get out of hand without adequate planning.

Here are some questions to help you map out your basement renovations:
  • How will your basement be used?
  • How much of the space is required for your basement renovations?
  • How much money can you spend on your finished basement?
  • Will you do the basement remodeling or hire someone?
Ideas for Basement Renovations Here are some ideas to help you think about basement remodeling. You might want to use just one idea or combine several and likely this list will just be the start. Remember to check the ideas for your finished basement against the answers to the above questions.
  • Add a guest bedroom and bathroom.
  • Create a family or recreation room.
  • Clean up storage areas with shelves attached to the walls.
  • Basement renovations are a good excuse to install an indoor hot tub or sauna.
  • The basement is often an ideal space for a quality home theatre.
  • A separate laundry and storage room is a good idea for a finished basement.
  • Turn a portion of your basement into an exercise area.
  • Basement remodeling is an excellent time to build a home office.



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